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Are you missing your 3 am phone call?

By this time you are looking pretty good in the customer service department if you have implemented Live Chat, a Ticketing System, and a Knowledge Base.

You have a live chat system on your site which lets visitors chat real time with an agent. You also have a ticketing system that lets your customers and staff create support tickets to deal with problems. And then, you have a knowledge base management system to answer FAQs and organize valuable content.

But something is still missing.

Consider a situation- a prospect wants to talk to you but the chat is offline. She doesn’t want to raise a ticket because her time constraints are too tight. And the FAQ or the knowledge base is not helping either…

So how can your prospect ensure that she is going to get a call back at a good time from someone appropriate? A Callback management system helps!

Callback management systems can be thought of as voice mail on your website. The visitor fills up a simple form with details like their email address, the reason the call is required and a good time for them to receive the call. This request

gets reflected in the operator panel, is assigned to specific agents and the call goes out at the appropriate time.

Why should you invest in a callback management system?

Here is an undisputed fact- people are wired to talk to other people. A problem has the greatest chance of getting solved or a sale has the best chance of being closed if the stakeholders were to have some kind of human contact.

Since meeting in person is not practical in all cases picking up a phone and talking is the smartest way to move the matter forward.

It also saves the parties involved a ton of back and forth on emails.

If you are operating a business website you already provide a contact number for people to call you. Why not give them a sort of voicemail solution so that in case they don’t catch you the first time you can get back to them later?

Call back solutions encourage prospects to open up a mode of communication with you that is the next best to being in the same room with them. Depending on the situation you can resolve customer issues faster, close more sales and move prospects in greater numbers down the sales funnel.

LiveHelpNow and callback management systems

LiveHelpNow’s callback management system is designed to keep your communication lines open with prospects and customers all round the clock. As long as you have access to an internet enabled device our system allows you to monitor call back requests and act on them.

Actually, I take that back. You can get notifications about callback requests if you have a phone that can receive text messages. No fancy phones needed here.

We also have a slick dashboard that lets you monitor the life cycle of each call. There are a lot of useful features functions embedded in there:you can prioritize calls, assign calls to individual agents and read agent feedback for
individual calls.

And if you like what you see sign up for an absolutely no obligation free 30 day trial.

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