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20 Customer Experience Influencers You Should Follow NOW

“Those people who develop the ability to continuously acquire new and better forms of knowledge that they can apply to their work and to their lives will be the movers and shakers in our society for the indefinite future.”
– Brain Tracy


So, maybe you’re interested in improving your business’s reputation and customer satisfaction scores.

Or, maybe, as a customer service professional, you want to be the rockstar employee that builds a more meaningful relationship with the people you serve on a daily basis.

Either way…what you need is to develop a strong foundation of customer experience knowledge.

And, what better way to learn more about improving your customers’ experiences than by learning from the most influential and knowledgeable customer experience influencers on the planet?

Sir Issac Newton once said, “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.”

So, so here’s a leg up in the form of 20 awesome sets of CX shoulders to stand on.

20 Customer Experience Influencers You Should Follow


1. Blake Morgan,
Customer Experience Futurist, Keynote Speaker, & Author

Customer Experience Influencer Blake Morgan Follow @BlakeMichelleM on Twitter
Follow Blake on

Blake is the renaissance woman of customer experience. She’s a two-time author and keynote speaker on the topic. She’s also the host of The Modern Customer Podcast, adjunct faculty for Rutgers University’s executive education MBA program, and a contributor at Forbes and Harvard Business Review. In addition, she has lent her customer experience expertise to big names like Comcast, Allstate, Adobe, Verizon, & more.

“As companies rely on new technology and expand their digital offerings, they have opportunities to connect with customers like never before and offer new solutions.”
– Blake Morgan

Why you should follow her: Blake’s a customer experience futurist. So, if you want to know what the future of the customer experience will look like, look no further. She often writes about the impact technology is having on the customer service world in her blog and shares her invaluable insights on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Check out her blog:

You have to watch: Blake’s customer experience video series on her YouTube Channel.



2. Annette Franz,
Customer Experience Consultant, Keynote Speaker, & Author

Customer Experience Influencer Annette FranzFollow @annettefranz on Twitter
Follow Annette on LinkedIn

Annette is the founder and CEO of CX Journey Inc., a customer experience strategy consulting firm. She has a strong belief that the employee experience and company culture have a direct impact on the quality of a company’s CX. Annette is also a Vice Chairwoman on the Board of Directors of the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA), an Advisory Board member for CX@Rutgers, a keynote speaker and a contributor at Forbes, Business2Community, CustomerThink, and more. 

A lot of people talk about being customer-centric, but it’s one thing to say that and another to be it! Customer-centricity is about putting the customer at the center of all you do.
-Annette Franz

Why you should follow her: Annette co-hosts an interactive, weekly #CXChat on Twitter and has been named among the “100 Most Influential Tech Women on Twitter” by Business Insider. She shares fresh CX knowledge with her Twitter and LinkedIn audience on a daily basis. 

Check out her blog:

You have to read: Annette’s new book was released this month, titled “Customer Understanding: 3 Ways to Put the ‘Customer’ in Customer Experience and at the Heart of Your Business.

Annette Franz CX Book


3. Chip Bell,
Author, Keynote Speaker, and Consultant in Customer Loyalty

Customer Experience Influencer Chip BellFollow @ChipRBell on Twitter
Follow Chip on LinkedIn

Chip Bell is known as a world-renowned authority on customer loyalty and service innovation. He has written 22 books on customer service, including his most recent, “Kaleidoscope: Delivering Innovative Service That Sparkles.” He has appeared live on CNN, CNBC, CNN, Fox Business, Bloomberg TV, ABC, and his insights have been featured in Fortune, Businessweek, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Inc. Magazine, CEO Magazine and Entrepreneur.

“The service you provide is a kind of business card. It telegraphs what you want your customers to remember.”
– Chip Bell

Why you should follow him: Chip’s old school anecdotes and southern sayings that pepper his posts always make for an entertaining read. Plus, he knows his stuff. Global Gurus ranked him as the #1 Customer Service Keynote Speaker in North America in 2018.

Check out his blog:

You have to watch: Chip’s keynote speech clips on his YouTube channel. You’ll see for yourself why he’s considered one of the best speakers in the world.



4. Shep Hyken,
Customer Experience Expert, NY Times Bestselling Author and the Chief Amazement Officer of Shepard Presentations

Customer Experience Influencer Shep Hyken Follow @Hyken on Twitter
Follow Shep on LinkedIn

In 1983, Shep founded Sheperd Presentations in order to help organizations create “amazing customer and employee experiences.” Since that time, he has authored multiple books on customer service strategies and best practices and made the NY Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller lists. He’s also been inducted into the National Speakers Association Hall-of-Fame due in part to his captivating customer service keynote speeches.

“Don’t focus on the sale. Focus on the person.”
– Shep Hyken

Why you should follow him: Oftentimes, Shep uses his own real-life experiences to draw interesting parallels to his customer service advice. Whether he ties the topic at hand to the expedited lines at Chic-fil-A or his favorite NHL hockey team, his posts are always relatable and fun to read.

Check out his blog:

You have to listen to: Shep’s radio show, “Amazing Business Radio” where he interviews other CX and business experts.



5. Jeff Toister,
Customer Service Author, Consultant, Author, Keynote Speaker & Trainer

Customer Experience Influencer Jeff Toister

Follow @toister on Twitter
Follow Jeff Toister on LinkedIn

Jeff Toister founded Toister Performance Solutions in 2005, a company known for its focus on helping businesses create “customer-focused cultures.” He’s now a nationally recognized employee training expert and speaker with over 20 years of experience in the industry. He’s also authored 3 successful customer service books, including, “Getting Service Right: Overcoming the Hidden Obstacles to Outstanding Customer Service.”

“The best customer service visions have three characteristics. They are simple and easy to understand. The vision is focused on the customer, rather than the company’s internal goals. And the vision is authentic and resonates with employees.”
– Jeff Toister

Why you should follow him: Jeff is amazing at weaving his personal stories and experiences into his customer service lessons. His approach makes the concepts he presents easy-to-digest. It also turns learning into a fun experience. Bonus: Every once in a while, he gives an online customer service training courses away for free!

Check out his blog:

You have to take: one of his customer service training courses on LinkedIn. His courses have been taken by more than 140,000 people.


6. Jeanne Bliss,
5x Chief Customer Officer, 4x Author of International Bestselling Customer Experience Books, Keynote Speaker & Co-Founder of CXPA 

Customer Experience Influencer Jeanne Bliss

Follow @JeanneBliss on Twitter
Follow Jeanne Bliss on LinkedIn

Jeanne Bliss has been in the customer experience game since the beginning, pioneering the way for big names like Lands’ End, Microsoft, Coldwell Banker, & Allstate. She’s since taken her expertise on the road, coaching over 15,000 executives and delivering over 1,500 keynote speeches. Jeanne is also a 4x bestselling offer, Co-Founder of the Customer Experience Professional’s Association (CXPA), and CEO & Founder of Customer Bliss.

“Would you do that to your Mother?”
– Jeanne Bliss
& the question she recommends we test our customer experience strategy against

Why you should follow her: The content Jeanne shares is diverse and impressive as her background. Want to learn how to be a better Chief Customer Officer (CCO)? She’s got you covered with her blog articles. Want to learn more about CX while you’re on-the-go? You can listen to her podcast on your drive to work. She’s even got “Customer Centric Recipe Cards” you can download. 

Check out her blog:

You should also check out: her @customerbliss Instagram for her “Daily Dose…of Reality” posts and “Would You Do That To Your Mother?” comics








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7. Ian Golding,
Customer Experience Consultant, Speaker,
Author & the Founder of Customer Experience Consultancy 

Customer Experience Influencer Ian Golding

Follow @ijgolding on Twitter
Follow Ian Golding on LinkedIn

Ian Golding is a world-renowned blog-writer, speaker, and customer experience educator. In 2018, he published his first book titled, “Customer What? : The Honest and Practical Guide to Customer Experience.” In addition, Ian was the first CX professional to ever become an Authorized Resource and Training Provider for the CCXP accreditation. He now uses his knowledge to provide training and mentoring for CX Professionals at every level. He is also the Chairman of the judging panel at the UK Customer Experience Awards and the Gulf Customer Experience Awards.

“The ACTUAL reality of the evolution of customer experience, is that those who recognise it is a challenging, never-ending journey will win. Those who give up – will lose.”
– Ian Golding

Why you should follow him: Whether he’s writing articles, sharing personal stories or judging the International CX awards, he’ll keep you in the loop on the latest CX industry events and trends. Keep him on your radar to catch one of his CX Masterclasses near you. 

Check out his blog:

You have to check out: his article titled, “The lost suitcase – the sad reality of customer experience evolution,” where he pairs real-life experiences with valuable CX lessons.


8. Mary Drumond,
CMO at Worthix, Editor-in-Chief of Science Behind Decisions Blog & CX Podcaster

Customer Experience Influencer Mary Drumond

Follow @drumondmary on Twitter
Follow Mary Drumond on LinkedIn

Mary Drumond is a senior executive with 10+ years of experience developing leadership and growth strategies. Currently, she’s not only Worthix’s CMO, but she’s also the Editor-in-Chief of Worthix’s blog, “Science Behind Decisions,” where she is the author of some pretty stellar CX articles. Additionally, she hosts the “Voices of Customer Experience” podcast, where she conducts weekly interviews with some of the best minds in the biz. 

“[If the] goal is to deliver amazing experiences to your customers, who do you think is going to make that happen? That’s right, people. Happy employees make happy customers. No rocket science here, folks.”
– Mary Drumond

Why you should follow her: Mary is a CX trailblazer. She recognizes the indispensable relationship that exists between an organization’s customer experience strategy and its marketing initiatives. Her ideas are fresh and will keep you at the top of your CX game.

You’ll find her blog articles on WorthWix’s Blog:

You have to read: her article “The Millennial Workforce Does Not Tolerate Bad EX,” which discusses the employee experience and its direct connection to an organization’s CX.


9. Denise Lee Yohn,
Brand Leadership Expert, Keynote Speaker, and 2x Author

Customer Experience Influencer Denise Lee Yohn

Follow @deniseleeyohn on Twitter
Follow Denise Lee Yohn on LinkedIn

Denise Lee Yohn is the go-to brand expert for national media outlets and some of the most well-known names in big business. Her consulting clients have included the likes of Target, Oakley and Dunkin’ Donuts, and her corporate speaking audience has included executives from Facebook, the NFL, Lexus, and more. Her insights have been featured on FOX Business TV and CNBC, and in The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. She is also the author of two bestselling books, “What Great Brands Do” and “FUSION.” 

“A company’s purpose and values mean nothing if they are not aligned and integrated with how the company engages and inspires its customers.”
– Denise Lee Yohn

Why you should follow her: Denise will show you where brand and customer experience collide, and provide you with the strategies you need to successfully marry the two.

Check out her blog:

You have to check out: her YouTube channel, where you can check out clips from her keynote speeches, interviews, and TV appearances.


10. Bill Quiseng,
Chief Experience Officer, Customer Service Expert, Speaker and Blogger

Customer Experience Influencer Bill Quiseng
Follow @billquiseng on Twitter
Follow Bill Quiseng on LinkedIn

Bill got his start in the CX industry managing luxury resorts. Previously, he’s worked tirelessly to provide the best experience possible to every guest at hotels like The Inn at Bay Harbor‐A Renaissance Golf Resort, MI, Doral Golf Resort and Spa, Miami, FL and Turnberry Isle Resort & Club, Aventura, FL. He is currently the general manager of Marriott Vacation Club Pulse San Diego, and shares his customer service insights with the world as a speaker and blogger. In 2018, he was selected as one of the Top Customer Service Influencers of 2018 by Fit Small Business.

“Think RELATIONSHIPS or Go Broke.”
– Bill Quiseng

Why you should follow him: Bill shares tons of practical tips and influencer content that will help you improve your service delivery and help you build a stronger relationship with your customers.

Check out his blog:

You have to check out: his webpage that’s chock-full of inspiring customer service quotes.


11. Kate Nasser,
The People Skills Coach™, Author of “Leading Morale,”  Customer Service Thought-Leader, Speaker, & Trainer

Customer Experience Influencer Kate Nasser
@KateNasser on Twitter
Follow Kate Nasser on LinkedIn

Kate Nasser has a very different (yet extremely valuable) perspective on customer experience. She believes the quality of the customer service an organization provides begins with the employees. For over 30 years, Kate has guided Fortune 500 companies like Thomson Reuters, Honeywell, Pfizer, Goldman Sachs & more “to create dynamic inspirational leadership, high-performance teamwork, and superior customer experiences.” She is the author of “Leading Morale,” a book that details how leaders can hamper negativity and boost morale. She has also been named to Huffington Posts’ Top 100 Customer Service and to ICMI’s Top 50 Customer Experience Thought Leaders.

“Lead morale! If you’re not leading morale, you’re not leading anyone.”
– Kate Nasser

Why you should follow her: Kate’s positivity is contagious, and so are her employee morale-boosting tips. Happy employees = happy customers! Kate’s insights will get you there. 

Check out her blog:

You have to check out: her LinkedIn and Twitter for frequent thought-provoking quotes and team-building tips.



12. Bruce Temkin,
Experience Management (#XM) Visionary, Keynote Speaker, Co-Founder of, and Head of Qualtrics XM Institute

Customer Experience Influencer Bruce Temkin
Follow @btemkin on Twitter
Follow Bruce Temkin on LinkedIn

Bruce began his career as the VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research in 1998, where much of his work focused on creating CX metrics and conducting groundbreaking customer experience research. In 2010, he left Forrester and established the Temkin Group, a firm dedicated to helping organizations become more customer-centric. The Temkin Group was absorbed by Qualtrics in October, 2018, where Bruce is now the head of the Experience Management (XM) Insitute. Bruce is also the Co-Founder, Architect, and Chairman Emeritus of the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA).

“Complex products or processes lead to ill-prepared employees and confused customers.”
– Bruce Temkin

Why you should follow him: Bruce is heavily involved in the industry and frequently shares his experiences and insights with his followers. Whether he’s posting helpful articles and reports or giving his audience a behind the scenes look at major CX events, like the Disney Institute’s CX Summit, Bruce will keep you in the loop and entertained.  

You have to check out: The State of Customer Experience Management Report that was published by Qualtrics XM Institute, which is headed by Bruce.



13. Flavio Martins,
EVP Customer Support at
@DigiCert, Author of “Win the Customer,” Customer Service Advocate, & HuffPost Top 100 CX Leader

Customer Experience Influencer Flavio Martins

Follow @flavmartins on Twitter
Follow Flavio Martins on LinkedIn

Flavio Martins is currently the VP of Operations and Customer Support at DigiCert, Inc. He is also an award-winning customer service blogger and author. In addition, he has been named a Huffington Post Top 100 Customer Experience Leader, ICMI Top 50 Contact Center Leader, and an SAP Top 60 Customer Experience Influencer. 

“Customers don’t care about your policy, they care about action.”
– Flavio Martins

Why you should follow him: With 15+ years of industry experience, Flavio knows all about the customer service challenges that organizations face firsthand. He regularly shares helpful articles and insights (especially on Twitter) that can benefit your customer service team. 

Check out his blog:

You have to read: Flavio Martins’ book, “Win the Customer: 70 Simple Rules for Sensational Service.”

Win the Customer by Flavio Martins


14. Jim Tincher,
Journey Mapper in Chief, Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP), CXPA CX Expert and Author

Customer Experience Influencer Jim Tincher

Follow @jimtincher on Twitter
Follow Jim Tincher on LinkedIn

8 years ago, Jim Tincher founded Heart of the Customer in order to bring CX journey mapping, CX workshops, CX keynote speaking, and customized CX training to the masses. Previously, he has assisted companies like Best Buy, OptumHealth Financial, & Gallup with their customer experience initiatives. He is an active member of the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA), a highly-regarded author and blogger, and a dynamic keynote speaker.

“The best way to destroy a customer relationship is to ask for feedback and do nothing with it.”
– Jim Tincher

Why you should follow him: Jim Tincher has an important goal. That goal is to show you the world through the eyes of your customers. Check out his posts to learn more about what your customers see. 

Check out his blog:

You have to take: his survey, “The Worst Case of Inside-Out Thinking.” You could win a free copy of his and Nicole Newton’s book, “How Hard Is It To Be Your Customer?


15. Nate Brown,
Head of Customer Experience for UL EHS, Co-Founder of CX Accelerator,
and CX Speaker & Trainer

Customer Experience Influencer Nate Brown
Follow @CustomerIsFirst (Nate Brown) on Twitter
Follow @CXAccelerator on Twitter
Follow Nate Brown on LinkedIn

Right off the bat, Nate Brown’s Twitter handle “@CustomerIsFirst” can tell you a lot about Nate and what he believes in.  He prides himself on “bringing creativity to the customer experience.” He is the founder of CX Accelerator, a CX consulting and training service. Nate is also a well-know CX blogger and speaker.

“Creating meaningful work is essential to creating a consistently excellent Customer Experience.”
– Nate Brown

Why you should follow him: Nate is constantly sharing fresh CX ideas, including some pretty sweet infographics, gifs, and memes (especially on the @CXAccelerator) Twitter.

Check out his blog:

You have to watch: his YouTube interview “How to Get Massive Customer Feedback Without a Survey,” with fellow CX influencer and interviewer, Jeff Toister.



16. Adam Toporek,
Customer Service Expert, Keynote Speaker, Trainer & Strategic Advisor

Customer Experience Influencer Adam Toporek

Follow @adamtoporek on Twitter
Follow Adam Toporek on LinkedIn

Adam is the author of the book “Be Your Customer’s Hero,” and an internationally-recognized customer experience expert, keynote speaker, consultant, and trainer. He is the founder of the “Customers That Stick” Customer Service Blog and the Co-Host of the “Crack the Customer Code” podcast. In addition, he is the creator of the virtual training course, How to Deal with Difficult Customers.

“It is not enough to make sure your team is empowered, you also have to make sure they feel empowered.”
– Adam Toporek

Why you should follow him: Not only does Adam share his own insights and resources, but he also shares valuable blogs and posts by his CX expert peers. His posts feature innovative ideas and strategies from the latest and greatest in the industry.

Check out his blog:

You have to watch: Adam’s demo reel on YouTube to get a real taste of what it’s like to watch him speak.



17. Jill Raff,
Customer Experience Strategist, Founder of Jill Raff Group,
Author & Speaker

Customer Experience Influencer Jill Raff

Follow @Jill_Raff on Twitter
Follow Jill Raff on LinkedIn

Jill began her journey into the customer service world at the age of seven, shadowing her father as he managed their family’s McDonald’s franchise stores. She went on to get her feet wet in a wide array of industries, including marketing, real estate, fashion, and food service. She soon realized that she wanted to bring the “Customer Experience Movement” to EVERY industry. She now works to inspire business owners and entrepreneurs on a daily basis as a consultant, keynote speaker, trainer and thought leader. 

“Your ability to grow your business is directly tied to your ability to develop relationships with your customers.”
– Jill Raff

Why you should follow her: Jill has a strong passion for helping small businesses provide a “Celebrity Customer Experience” to each and every one of their guests. She’ll pass that passion on to you!

Check out her blog:

You have to read: her book titled, “Transforming Transactions into Interactions.”

Jill Raff Book



18. Jay Baer,
Founder of Convince & Convert,
Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker, CX/Marketing Fusion Strategist & 6x Author

Customer Experience Influencer Jay Baer

Follow @jaybaer on Twitter
Follow Jay Baer on LinkedIn

Jay is a master when it comes to providing insights on the undeniable connection between CX and marketing. And, as a 7th generation entrepreneur, its easy to see where he got his knack for business strategy. He is the founder of Convince & Convert Consulting, a firm that specializes in digital marketing, customer experience, and word-of-mouth counsel for incredible brands. Jay is also a 6x author and a Hall of Fame keynote speaker. 

“Customer service is the new marketing. It’s what differentiates one business from another.”
– Jay Baer

Why you should follow him: Jay has some swag. He’s known as one of the most “inspirational” marketing and customer service speakers in the world. He’ll give you some great tips and innovative ideas, while also keeping you entertained. 

Check out his blog:

You have to watch: Jay’s YouTube show, “Talk Triggers,” that focuses on the importance of word-of-mouth among customers. 



19. Augie Ray,
Vice President Analyst for Customer Experience at Gartner, CX Expert, Blogger, Speaker & Consultant

Customer Experience Influencer Augie Ray

Follow @augieray on Twitter
Follow Augie Ray on LinkedIn

Augie is a highly regarded CX authority and keynote speaker. He has spent years in the industry leading successful CX, Voice of the Customer (VoC), and marketing teams. Currently, he is the Vice President Analyst for Customer Experience at Gartner, conducting research and offering guidance to leaders of Fortune 1000 firms. 

“Content isn’t king; the customer is. Don’t be mobile first; be customer first. Work on customer-centricity before digital transformation.”
– Augie Ray

Why you should follow him: Not only does Augie share useful and intelligent CX insights with his audience, but he also keeps it real. He often posts about the less than stellar experiences he has had with unsolicited sales emails and unprofessional social networking practices, and offers up his personal stories as cautionary tales to fledgling CX and marketing professionals. 

Check out his blogs: and

You have to watch: Gartner’s “Gartner for Marketers” YouTube channel to see and hear Augie giving out his CX advice firsthand. 



20. Adrian Swinscoe,
Customer Service & Experience Advisor, Speaker, Workshop & Masterclass Leader and Aspirant Punk at Punk CX

Customer Experience Influencer Adrian SwinscoeFollow @adrianswinscoe on Twitter
Follow Adrian Swinscoe on LinkedIn

Adrian’s mission is to help businesses of all sizes deliver better customer experiences. One of the ways he fulfills this mission is by mentoring business leaders and hosting CX masterclasses. He has been doing both for over 15 years. Adrian is also a CX podcaster, blogger, best-selling author, and Forbes contributor. 

“The little matters as much, if not more, than the bigger things.”
– Adrian Swinscoe

Why you should follow him: Adrian has a new, fun and daring way of looking at the customer experience. He calls it “Punk CX.” Follow him to find out what a Punk Rock version of CX looks like. 

Check out his blog:

You have to read: his book titled “Punk CX.”

Punk CX

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