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10 Travel Instagrams Worth the Follow

Because (apparently) we can’t all be professional travelers, Instagram is bursting with eye candy inspiration for your next getaway or daydream. We may not be able to physically follow these adventurers around the globe, but they’ve shared their journeys in thousands of artfully-captured photos. If you’re overwhelmed by the selection of follow-worthy pages, check out our list of personalized recommendations. There is a feed to fulfill your every wanderlust.

If you need a quick recharge at the office

Australian Jaharn Giles wants us to know that adventure shouldn’t be reserved for holiday. Infused with a love of nature and minimalism, her feed inspires weekend adventures and deep cleansing breaths with stunning photos of isolated landscapes.

If you’d like some sweet couple inspiration

An impatient moment in Barcelona in 2011 led to this renowned photo series, in which photographer Murad Osmann captures girlfriend-turned-wife Nataly Zakharova leading him by the hand to some of the world’s marvels. With the hashtag #followmeto, Osmann has followed his now-wife to dozens of countries, 3.5 million followers, and even a book deal. The Moscow-based couple continue to travel the world capturing these sweet and stunning images.

If you follow your stomach

Travel-hungry foodies will instantly consider themselves akin to Singaporean Melissa Hie upon visiting her Insta page, Girl Eat World. Born out of a reluctance to take selfies when traveling alone, Hie snaps photos of her travel snacks in front of landmarks and other savory scenery. She may still hold a full time job, but that doesn’t stop her from visiting some of the world’s most craved cities, local treat in hand.

If you need relief from office neutrals

Trey Ratcliff is one of the most well-known travel photographers on Instagram, and for good reason; his images are mythic, his subjects wide-ranging. Ratcliff helped to popularize HDR, which contributes to his brilliantly chromatic feed, and frequently offers tips on the editing process.

If you appreciate punch-packing photos with substance

A freelancer and contributing photographer for National Geographic, Michael Christopher Brown has documented stories from as far-reaching places as China, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and the remote Russian village of Sakhalin. He captures intimate realities with a sympathetic lens, creating images both arresting and personal. Brown’s upcoming book, Libyan Sugar, showcases his camera-phone images of the Libyan revolution from 2011.

If your heart’s in two places

Having grown up in three different countries, photographer Yewon Kim naturally suffuses a dual-consciousness into her photography. Kim currently splits her time between NYC and Seoul, offering structural urban beauty with her muted, elegant images. Expect architectural inspiration and plenty of cozy bookstores.

If you’re a big picture kind of person

Early Instagram adopter Cole Rise has had more than his fair share of Insta-fame. The creator of several Instagram filters and photo editing app Litly has been traveling as a photographer for several years following his start in the tech field. His feed is inundated with large swaths of open land and aerial views which allow the natural structures to speak for themselves.

If you need a little adventure in your life

Four years ago, nightlife photographer quit his job, left his girlfriend, and booked one-way ticket to South America. The result: a blog where he inspires others to “adventure travel” and an Instagram feed which stories his brushes with people and cultures around the globe. Karsten’s colorful, humorous photos are full of personality and showcase his lighthearted love of life and adventure.

If the beach is your zen place

Raised in mountainous Maine and based in L.A., photographer Carley Rudd combines the two aesthetics to create a feed full of calming yet exquisite beach scenes from her backyard and beyond. Rudd’s pretty, understated photos give off a distinctly Cali vibe without all of the hubbub.

If you’ve ever wondered if you could do it, too

Cute couple Cameron Seagle and Natasha Alden may be newcomers to the travel blog scene, but both have been circling the globe since college. After their meet-cute abroad and a short stint in the New York career hustle, they decided to make the plunge and become “long term” travelers. Their fun, youthful feed reflects the “live for now” attitude which they extoll in their blog, The World Pursuit.

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