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Wishes Can Come True with Secure Forms

Did you ever wish you had a secure way to receive or exchange sensitive information within a chat?  Collect orders right within chat window?! Well, wishes sometimes do come true, especially if you concentrate really, really hard and blow out all the candles on your birthday cake just like this little dude. He obviously believes in wishes and you should, too. Because Secure Forms can make your wishes come true.

Let’s talk. Many industries, such as automobile sales, banking, or financial services, e-commerce, require the secure exchange of confidential information as routine business.  A transaction, like a mortgage or loan application, or a simple shoes order, can be initiated online but requires follow-up through a physical appointment or exchange of documents, credit card information elsewhere.  That takes extra time and effort.  Plus, at any point along the cycle, your potential customer could lose interest — or their confidential information.

From vendors to clients, everyone is concerned about losing or exposing sensitive information. Now you can collect and exchange sensitive information during a Chat session using LiveHelpNow’s Secure Forms, a tool that puts you into a PCI-compliant platform to securely and efficiently exchange the information you need to do business and satisfy your customer.

It doesn’t get any better

Here are just some of the advantages of Secure Forms:

  • You can receive HIPAA and PCI-compliant information, medical information, social security, and financial data from within your Chat session or support ticket. Or email your clients a Secure Form to collect the same information, all while your Chat agent is online and guiding your client through the process. If you need to complete a credit card application or a sale—no problem.
  • When you use Secure Forms, they can be set up for use by your agents, customers, or both.
  • Your agents can enter information from the Chat or email session on the form so you can collect, categorize, and mine information about your customer to provide more personal service during your next interaction.
  • Secure Forms also give your agents the ability to verify the identity of the person on the Chat or support ticket, ask account security questions, and continue providing customer support while confirming their identity.
  • Secure Forms supports the ADFXML format to automatically capture leads for automobile dealers.
  • Secure Forms submission may be pushed automatically to any API endpoint or emailed to a specific email address and then purged.

The advantages don’t stop there. Once Secure Forms are submitted, you can designate what departments or agents handle the information. You can even view the document and store it for a specified period of time before it’s automatically purged.

Wishes really can come true

Secure Forms puts your Chat agents in a different league of customer service.  No more interrupted Chats or worry about exposed financial or other information. When you are able to send and receive secure information, the roadblocks to smooth, real-time transactions are removed.  Your agents are more efficient, sales close more quickly, and you capture important information to use for data mining and future leads.  Better security serves the needs of your clients—and boosts your profits.

Best of all, Secure Forms is already part of the LiveHelpNow help desk system.  You pay no more to take advantage of a proprietary tool that puts you ahead of your competition.

Why wait to have your wishes come true?  Enable Secure Forms now, and if you haven’t joined the LiveHelpNow family of clients, try a free, full-featured, 30-day trial on us.

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