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New report: Tickets by Source

Ever wonder what percentage of support tickets your account receives comes from email and how many via Twitter or Facebook posts? Or how many are submitted by agents vs customers?

Well now you can see in real-time how tickets get created in your LiveHelpNow Help Desk Account:

  1. By agent – operator panel (tickets created by Agents while being logged in to the operator console)
  2. By customer – Form submission (tickets created by Customers via public form)
  3. By customer – Email (ticket created by Customers via inbound email)
  4. Offline message (ticket created by Customers leaving offline message in chat)
  5. Facebook (ticket created by Customers via Facebook wall post, etc)
  6. Twitter (ticket created by Customers via Twitter mention, keyword search, etc)
  7. API (ticket created via API)


Here’s an example of the report:





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