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How to Navigate Live Chat Cybersecurity

Live chat is a convenient and effective way of providing customers with great service on their own terms. It provides an easy and hassle-free way for customers to get connected with support. 

It’s also an excellent way of gathering real-time customer data, helping to understand their needs and the most common questions they are having. In other words, it opens up a channel of communication that can enhance your brand’s connection with consumers while also staying ahead of customer issues. 

However, live chat cybersecurity might become an issue as communications may contain a lot of sensitive data. Customers may send information such as shipping addresses, account details, tracking numbers, and financial records. Handling this sensitive information safely is essential to businesses operations. After all, no matter how loyal a customer base is, if a company acts negligently when handling private customer data, its reputation will pay the price.

So how can companies enjoy the convenience and customer satisfaction live chat provides while also maintaining high levels of cybersecurity? In this article, we will discuss the most common live chat cybersecurity concerns. We will also discuss why choosing a vendor that prioritizes security is the right choice for both, your company and your customers. 

The Importance Of Live Chat Cybersecurity In 2022

Cybercrimes are becoming more common every day. In 2020, the world saw an increase in cybercrime, fueled in part by the pandemic and the subsequent shift toward remote work. Experts predict that the concern over cybersecurity will only grow as digital use grows. Software developers must not only learn how to code but also incorporate a strong knowledge of cybersecurity into their applications. Cybersecurity as an afterthought or an add-on is a thing of the past.


Growing internet use is increasing the amount of sensitive data that is stored online, meaning data breaches are more attractive to hackers than ever before. According to research by IBM, the average cost of a data breach in 2020 was 3.86 million. Companies are more incentivized than ever to build cybersecurity into their applications. They also have a responsibility to ensure their third-party vendors are secured to the same level. 

Once an organization’s database is breached, it is not only the hacker’s demanded ransom that can be costly for companies. Possible fines and legal recourse due to data privacy protection laws can also be damaging for companies. It also goes without saying that the damage to your reputation can greatly hurt future profits and damage customer retention levels. 

Live Chat Cybersecurity Issues

Every digital application comes with a host of cybersecurity concerns, and live chat is no different. Here are some of the top live chat cybersecurity concerns and how to address them. 

Internal errors that can compromise live chat cybersecurity

According to Stanford University, 88% of all cybersecurity breaches are due to human error. Employees accidentally click on a phishing link or fail to adequately protect their login credentials. These are just some examples of how humans can make mistakes that open up the door for cybercriminals. 


Other internal errors can also cause a breach. Disgruntled employees, for example, can steal or leak company information out of malice. Although this scenario is unlikely, it’s not unheard of. Even the most profitable and respected tech companies are not immune to such threats. 

Tesla fell victim to this type of attack in 2018. According to a leaked internal email from CEO Elon Musk, the Tesla internal data breach initiated by a former employee resulted in “quite extensive and damaging sabotage.” That lead to “direct code changes to the Tesla Manufacturing Operating System.” The email later went on to claim that the ex-employee exported large amounts of highly sensitive Tesla data to unknown third parties. 

When choosing a vendor for your live chat features, it’s important to choose a third-party software provider that boasts a high level of cybersecurity. Most online customers according to recent surveys are paying via credit card for their digital purchases. Some of that sensitive financial information can find its way into live chat conversations. As such, protecting customer financial data online is a top concern for most companies.

Your live chat vendor should provide data processing and auditing permissions to ensure customer data is always safe and sound. LiveHelpNow allows companies to control access to customer data, allowing transcripts, emails, forms, and any other data to be exported to any designated secure server. Our systems also allow for scheduling periodical data purges at any predetermined rate, enhancing levels of live chat cybersecurity by keeping data under lockdown. 

Increasing prevalence of phishing attacks

According to industry reports, mobile phishing attacks increased 161% in 2021. Live chat features are inarguably convenient and effective for customers because they allow people to open up tickets or request customer service easily from their phones. However, this flexibility comes with some risks as it becomes easier to send malicious links to a variety of different devices. 

It’s important to educate employees and customers about phishing attacks and teach them how to identify potentially malicious links. For example, LiveHelpNow assigns emails with a SPAM score that triggers an alert for emails from suspicious origins. This helps users avoid clicking on links that are from unknown senders and could potentially result in malware or other virus attacks on their Mac and Windows devices. 

Vulnerability of financial and health data

Organizations in the finance and health sector have access to especially confidential data regarding their customers. How do these companies ensure that they are providing the best possible protection while using live chat features?

Choosing a live chat platform that is PCI and HIPAA compliant is a must for any company. Even organizations that don’t directly deal with health or financial data can find that sensitive information can slip its way into customer service chats. Choosing a platform that is aligned with internationally recognized standards is essential for keeping your company safe from cybercriminals.


Furthermore, as the pandemic accelerated digital transformation, more and more consumers are relying on shopping online with credit cards rather than going in-store for purchases and using cash. As our society increasingly shifts towards a reliance on online banking and fintech payment platforms, companies must provide increased levels of live chat cybersecurity.

Make Live Chat Cybersecurity a Priority in 2022

It’s essential to do your research and choose a live chat vendor that is PCI and HIPAA compliant. It is equally important that a third-party vendor allows you full access to your customer’s data. Additionally, periodical data purges can help minimize potential risks. 

Education also plays an important role in live chat cybersecurity. Only through proper cybersecurity training and awareness will companies stop the increasing trend towards harmful cyber attacks. 



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