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How to increase live chat volume

  1. Make Sure Your Staff is Ready
    Staff can be easily prepared and trained to know how to use the operator panel and handle multiple incoming chats simultaneously.

  2. Don’t Hide the Chat Button
    Placement of the chat button on your webpages should be high on the page and not lost among lots of other images. Place the button on every page!! It’s better to turn it on full-steam to gauge incoming volume than it is to hide the button on the bottom of a Contact Us page and get nothing.

  3. Customize and Brand the Chat Window
    Be proud of your site, and reinforce your brand experience. Highly customize the window by including graphics, logos, icons, and colors according to your brand and company color standards.

  4. Create Proactive Chats Based on Your Own Data using Push Technology
    All the info you need to make for a productive proactive chat campaign is in your analytics and chat reports right at your finger tips. When are customers and website visitors people likely to buy? What answers to particular questions can you provide to ensure finalizing the sale? What pages on the site are people most prone to bail out? Look at this information and increase your sales.

  5. Ask for Help If Something isn’t Working Like You Want
    You have a good live chat product from a reputable provider. LiveHelpNow is going to be capable of doing what you need rather than forcing you to do it a certain way. There’s a good chance that product experts know how to extract what you need. Need help with reports, settings, or customizations? Let us know about it.

  6. Pay close attention to pages with high-value items
    These are the pages most of your incoming chats come from, are the most popular item your site has for sale, or provides the most useful and interesting information. Watch the behavior of your visitors to know what changes to make and when.

  7. Make offers in combination with proactive chat invitations
    Increase sales volume and revenues by suggesting complimentary products, reminders of return policies, even customer testimonials can be shared this way.

  8. Publish wait times for each communication mechanism
    People like to know how long they may be on hold, it allows them to maintain some control and feel that they are respected as a customer.

  9. Remind callers who have phoned #800 numbers that live chat is available as well
    Chat is far less expensive when handling service and support.

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