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Provide excellent customer service without wasting time

With the LiveHelpNow HelpOut Tab® you can point customers with routine support questions to online help before they can pick up the phone to call you.

With over 8,000 customer accounts, LiveHelpNow employees handle hundreds of support inquiries daily and answer repeat product and policy questions much of the time.

After adding the HelpOut Tab® to the LiveHelpNow website we saw a 30% reduction in support inquiries in the first week. Here are three big reasons why it will work for you too:

1. Customers find answers as soon as they hit the homepage

Whether you sell shoes, software, or financial services it is certain that your customers will be asking a variety of questions that tie up your time.  As an upstanding business owner you’ll want to answer those questions to the best of your ability in hopes of making the coveted sale.

Your website is meant to address the pain points of its visitors and answer basic questions- but what about less common (and more time consuming) questions?

The HelpOut Tab® is designed to answer those questions and meet customer needs head-on, before you get hit with calls and emails.

2. Help options are provided for every type of visitor

  • Some visitors are perfectly happy browsing your site
    As self-reliant as they are, they will still leave in frustration if they can’t find what they need.  Guide visitors with unusual questions and customers with support inquiries to the knowledge base using an instant search bar.
  • Some visitors are too busy to do research
    You’ll still want to capture these leads so let them submit an inquiry or leave a callback request. Visitors will receive instant confirmation that their message has been received and you’ll have their contact information for easy follow up.
  • Some visitors want answers immediately
    If they can’t find what they’re looking for within a few clicks, these visitors are very likely to leave your website. Offer them a top rated live chat system so they can speak with an agent right away, and turn your website into a sales machine.

3. Sliding tabs are just plain fun to use!

See for yourself- visit our homepage and try using the HelpOut Tab® if you have any questions about what we offer.

The HelpOut Tab® works with any combination of LiveHelpNow products and it is easy to customize. You don’t have to be a techie to change its appearance.

If you’re already a LiveHelpNow customer you can get the code in Admin panel -> Chat System -> Installation -> HelpOut Tab and select [Install HelpOut Tab].

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