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Customer email management giving you nightmares? Here’s your shining knight

The case of the missing shoes

Robert is window shopping for shoes online. He lands on a store and likes what he sees in the selection. He picks out a pair and orders it- the store advertises a three day delivery and he figures that they would arrive in time for that annual company bash.

Four days go by and there is still no sign of the shoes. The party is only two days away and Robert is getting worried. He gets back on the site and opens up a live chat session with a customer service rep named Brian.

After hearing the case Brian promises that he would arrange for a one day rush delivery to Robert.

The next day goes by but the shoes are still missing . Mightily angry, Robert goes back online and opens up another chat session. At the other end is Bill who does not seem to know anything about Robert’s case.

Barely controlling his anger, Robert again explains the situation to Bill. Bill apologizes saying that their warehouse has been hit by a data crash and swears that he will get the shoes delivered the next day. He also offers a discount on the next purchase to make up for it and manages to placate Robert a little.

But the damage is already done. Though Robert got his order the next day and went to the party in them he tells five people there about the shoddy service of the online store.

And just like that the store’s hard earned reputation has been ruined.

So is there any way to prevent this from happening? Here’s another possible scenario.

In an alternate universe

As Brian talked with Robert he created a support ticket for the shipping department with the order details and the date of expected delivery. He also added additional details about the express one day delivery in the ticket.

The ticketing system which is hosted on the cloud and is not prone to data corruption or downtime immediately alerts the shipping department. On receiving the pop up the shipping department books the shipment and the shoes are on the way.

The ticketing system also sends an email to Robert with the tracking number of the shipment. This lets Robert find out when his shoes would be delivered.

End of the story: Robert gets his shoes in advance and is able to flaunt them at the party without his feet being cut. He is impressed by the service and would not hesitate to buy more stuff from that store.

The ticket to increased sales

This difference between an angry customer and lost sales on one hand and a happy customer and increased sales on the other is because in the second scenario the online store used a ticketing system. Apart from speeding up deliveries some other things that a good ticketing system would do in the background are

  • Save a transcript of all previous chats and emails and tie them with the customer’s email ID. As a result the next conversation starts from where this conversation ends: think threaded view on Gmail.
  • Automatically insert the customer details into the CRM solution so that communication channels can remain open even in the future.
  • Enable prioritization and assigning of responsibilities to individual tickets
  • Search and add content to knowledge base and FAQ
  • Let managers check out the total time to resolution for each ticket.
  • When you deploy a ticketing system to manage your customer communications you will never lose track of a conversation with them. It sits right in the middle of your customer service infrastructure, providing an interface with customers as well as with other support departments.

If you are serious about happy customers and by extension, better sales you would invest in a ticketing system.

And the best part is, you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to get one. Skip two large pizzas every month and you will get a shiny and solid enterprise grade ticketing system.

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