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Are you losing customers and bleeding profits?

If a number of your customers are saying something along the lines of “I am not buying from you again” it does not mean that your products or service offerings are bad.

You can be perfect at what you do and still lose customers. You might create stunning bouquets, build jaw dropping websites or sell affordable dream homes and your bank balance will still head south if your customer service sucks.

But you don’t have to be an extrovert to ensure that your service is fabulous. Technology and the ability to email and conduct an IM chat will get the job done easily.

But more on that later.

Numbers don’t lie

We all know that customer service plays a very important role in buying decisions. Check out these findings from a recent customer service survey commissioned by American Express

  • 70% of people would spend 13% more if they get good customer service.
  • 59% of respondents say that they are willing to switch to a different brand if they get better service.
  • Two thirds feel that companies are slacking off when it comes to service.
  • 78% have quit on a transaction because they didn’t get a good vibe regarding service.
  • Faced with lousy service 56% of customers have admitted getting angry. Two in five have flat out told erring businesses that they would go to a competitor.
  • One dissatisfied customer is, on average, likely to tell 16 other people about his or her bad experience. A satisfied customer will tell around 9 people how good you are.

If you’re running a business these numbers might be a cause for worry.

But there is another way of looking at it. If your service is great you will see a bump of 59% in your customer numbers. A majority of them would spend 13% more with you and each one is likely to rave about you to 9 other people.

The icing on the cake- you are not doing anything gimmicky to get new customers. And did I mention that these folks are going to be loyal buyers, coming back to you over and over again?

I don’t know about you but if I were running a business these stats would make me sleep better.

So what’s the catch?

None, really. You probably have well trained people who understand your business. All you need is help desk software to aid them in streamlining customer communications.

Standard customer service solutions are all cloud based and you don’t have to be a geek to use them. Just sign up with the provider, set up your account and you can hit the ground running.

A good solution will typically provide services like

  • Live Chat: This solution lets you talk with your customers in real time.
  • Ticketing System: This solution manages all customer communications over email by allocating ticket numbers to each unique email address, among other things.
  • Knowledge Base: A great solution for businesses who sell multiple products or services with complex features. This helps you create questions for a FAQ and a knowledge base section.
  • Call Back System: This solution will have your back for all the times that you promised to call back a prospect at a specific time but could not because you lost their number.

If you are assuming that a solution will cost you a good chunk of change you could not be more wrong. Per person per month rates are not going to be more than what you would pay for two large pizzas.

Not a lot to be paying for happy customers and more profits, right?

Who are we?

We are LiveHelpNow and we make customer service solutions that do most of the things this post has been about- more customers, better profits.

TopTenReviews has ranked us #1  in live chat support software and we have been awarded their Gold award two years in a row (2010 and 2011).

Our solutions are trusted by companies and organizations like SendOutCards, Barracuda Networks, Lincoln Trust, Southern Adventist University and thousands of other reputable companies.

Watch this video review to see how our support solution can help you with your business. You can also take our software out for a test drive and sign up for a no obligation 30 days free trial (we won’t ask for any credit card information). After 30 days you can either choose to sign up for the plan or stop using the service.

In upcoming posts watch out for ninja tips on how chat solutions can convert curious viewers into paying customers and how integration with social networks can supercharge your customer service.

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