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4 Tips to grow Sales using Live Chat

One of the problems with Online Business is that customers are disconnected from a live person who can answer their questions in real time. Without the required information at the right time, customers conclude that your service lacks features and drop off. Every time a customer clicks away from your site, you lose an opportunity to grow sales. Live chat can be used to effectively deal with this problem. Here are 4 ways to increase sales using live chat.

Simplify onboarding for new users

The most crucial opportunity to impress new users is when they use your product (or service) for the first time. That’s when they try to figure out available features, ease of use, documentation, etc. Live chat can be used to onboard new users, help them navigate through your product, and answer any questions they have. Once they realize that your product is easy to use and has all the features they need, they’ll most likely buy it.

Inform customers about new offers

Paying customers are regular users who like your product. Live chat can be used to inform them about new offers and add-ons. It helps them know that you are continually adding value to your product. You can customize your offers based on their past activity, preferences and experience. Providing personalized recommendations and offers is a great way to improve customer experience and increase sales.

Help customers solve pain points

Live chat is an excellent way to get customer feedback. You can use this valuable information to improve your product or service. For instance, if you get too many questions about payment options, it means you need to make that information more prominent on your site. Sometimes, customers can’t find a way to accomplish a task using your product, and they switch to your competitor. Live chat can be used to inform them how to use your product to solve their pain points. It reduces customer churn, improves retention and brings in repeat business.

Gain edge over competition

Users always evaluate a product against its competition before they make a decision. It may appear that they are trying out your product but the reality is that they are comparing it to their existing solution or the most popular solution available. Live chat allows you to present your product, answer questions and convince users as to why it is better than the alternatives. Even after they try out a product, users tend to have a few questions before they decide to buy it. The pain of sending an email or dialing a 1-800 number and waiting for reply might discourage them from proceeding further. This is where live chat can help you close more deals. Quick answers from a live person simplify the purchase decision for users and boost sales.

Live Chat can be used strategically, at various touch points of your product, to increase conversion and retention rates. It can enable you to capitalize on the untapped potential of your business.

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