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Wave Goodbye To Agent Stress. Say Hello To Smiling Customers.

Omnichannel support software that will give your team the tools to drive an amazing customer experience.

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Turning Chaotic Contact Centers Into Happy Workplaces

Omnichannel communications software that will provide the data and resources your agents need to delight your customers.

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Simplifying Help Desk Chaos. One Support Ticket At A Time.

​​Software that brings organization and efficiency to the busiest help desks through the power of innovative AI.

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Software That Turns Every Web Visitor Into An Opportunity

A dynamic lead capture platform to increase conversions, boost sales and grow your customer base.

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Support Solutions For Modern Business Problems

Comprehensive support solutions for teams of any size across any industry.

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Tools For A Happy Team And Happier Customers

Field customer inquiries, generate leads, and improve CSAT. Industry-leading tools to make life easier for your agents and your customers.

Omnichannel Communication On Cruise Control

Customers can chat in real-time from any device.

Support Ticket Management

Trouble shooting at its best and lightning fast.

automatic lead forwarding

Self-Service Solutions Built For A Better Experience

Life is short. Don't make your customer ask the same question twice.


A Recipe For More Conversions And Higher Sales

Build personal connections to turn browsers into buyers.

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Better Solutions For Even Better Support

We have every feature you’ll need to make your agents’ jobs easier and to ensure your customers never have to wait again.


Customers can communicate through any channel (SMS, email, live chat, or Facebook), while agents manage all messages in one seamless, lightning-fast interface.

Unbeatable Chat Tools

Level-up your agents with chat sneak peek, language translation, secure file/data sharing, AI-driven suggestions, video chat, automations, and supervisor “whisper.”

Insights and Analytics

Reports and Dashboards provide unprecedented visibility into agent performance and insights into customer behavior including contact history, web pages visited, and more!

AI Chatbot

The work day may end, but opportunities never stop. Our chatbot will greet website visitors, provide pertinent product details, and gather lead information 24/7/365. 

Key Integrations 

All of our solutions are thoughtfully designed so you can get the most out of your existing tools. Integrate with your CRM, CMS, knowledge base, social media channels and more!

Unified Inbox

Your team will love having an organized workspace to streamline your inbox, keep related conversations threaded, and convert all requests into assignable support tickets.

Conversion Tracking

Whether communications occur via live chat, text message, social media, or email, conversion tracking will allow you to see exactly which interactions resulted in sales.

Ironclad Security

Securely share and receive PCI, PHI, and HIPAA sensitive information via live chat, text, and email – loan applications, credit card information, medical records, and more.

Free Training and Support

Free training to quickly get your team up-to-speed on best practices, so they’re ready to impress your customers with outstanding service from day 1 of implementation.

What Customers Say

Don't take our word for it. Here's what our customers have to say about LiveHelpNow.

Testimonial 4- All Pro Trailer Superstore

“We are so impressed with how simple it was to install on our website… We started seeing results immediately!”

- Tammy Smith, Vice President

Testimonial 5 – WaterPik

“LiveHelpNow has been an integral part of our company’s core tools, helping us to deliver excellent customer service in a timely fashion. Their user interface is intuitive and easy to use, their service is consistent, and their platform provides us with the analytical insight required to drive major decisions around our business. Thank you, LiveHelpNow!”

- Benjamin Jones, WaterPik

Testimonial 6 – Durham College

"LiveHelpNow not only made it easy to set up, they also provided amazing demonstrations so our users and administrators were able to get up and running within only a few days. Support is critical for us and LiveHelpNow has one of the best support teams that I’ve come across. They are quick to respond and very patient with the varying levels of knowledge and understanding of their clients.”

- Robert Wynter, Durham College

Testimonial 7 – Ideal Tridon

“As a customer for over 8 years, LiveHelpNow has the solutions to all your customer service problems. Tickets, Chats, and Knowledge base all in one easy to use system, that is always being improved and updated.. what more can you ask for?  Want to stop juggling too many systems to help your customers and improve the time it takes to give them the answers they need… get LiveHelpNow.”

- Marc Vazquez, Ideal Tridon

Testimonial 8 – J&P Cycles
“"The level of service we've received from LiveHelpNow is second to none. They have been excellent partners in helping us develop our programs and improve our performance." - Andrew Lim, J&P Cycles

A Customer Satisfaction Boost for

How Improved Their Customer Satisfaction Scores by 15% with Live Chat

An Interview with CSR Manager, Elizabeth Hamilton, that reveals how is boosting its Customer Satisfaction Scores with Post-Chat Surveys, faster response times and good ol’ fashioned empathy

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Waiting is for lobbies and bus stops!

“We are a loyal 7 year client of LiveHelpNow. Need I say more?”
- Daniel Gotlieb, Call Center Manager, Barracuda Networks